CodeIssue.com is an online community to resolve coding (software programming) issues. This site is a medium for information technology professionals to post issues and try to resolve it together. This site is a medium for sharing knowledge and information. Users can post the issues, resolve issues, share ideas and share knowledge.

In information technology specially in programming and software development world, every developer every day faces some kind of issue and this is the beauty of software development that challenges the developer. But sometime, developer during programming will be in a different zone of mind and asking quick question to someone else could help in resolving issue quickly. And this is the whole purpose of this website. To ask question, get solution, post article on new technology or new solution so that when any other developer face the same issue in anywhere in this world, they can quickly refer it and the resolution.

Sometime we will see the same exact issue that we are having posted in the forum but may not have an aswer or solution. Main objective and goal of this site is to have answer to almost all issues reported in this site. This is the reason we developed this site so that we have answer to the issues. We know, not all problems/issues will have answers but we can at least try together to have answer to most and at least some idea. In software development, idea is what matters the most.

At CodeIssue.com, you can invite your friend and add your friends to your professional friend circle so that you can quickly have access to your tech friend and ask question. You can ask question, send message, view profile with your friends. This is very good way of keeping your professional network up-to-date.

Another feature of CodeIssue.com is ability to create your profile and publish online as your resume. Programming profession is very challenging, we have to keep up-to-date with our knowledge, skills and also resume. This is good way to have professional resume online so that you can share with your friends or potential employees. Your friends in friend cirle will have full access to your profile but you can control how public user will view your profile. You can set public profile settings and choose what you want to display in your public profile.

We will be adding more features in future. Meanwhile, if you have any question or want to provide any feedback, please contact us.