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About article submission process:

Do you love software development? Do you love sharing and gaining more knowledge? Then you are at right place. If you have cool ideas or solutions, and want to share your knowledge with others, you can post your article at When you post your article at, people around the world will have free access to it. You will also get feedback on your article so that you can know if there are any opportunity for improvement. This is how software development should be : free and collaborative. By sharing knowledge you gain more knowledge. You have an idea but when you try to put your thoughts and ideas into an article you will have to know little more in detail, so you will learn even more.

Article format:

Currently accept article submission in MS Word document format. We think its the easiest way to prepare a document. In MS Word document, you as author has more flexibility of composing your article. You can easily format your content, add images where necessary, add code snippet where necessary and present your article in more professional way. However, you do have to follow some rules on formatting your article, which will be discuss next.

Article Submission:

To submit your article, please try to follow following instructions:

  1. Download the MS Word template to create the article. We appreciate the author's freedom of formatting the article. So, author is encouraged to add images, code snippet and examples in the article. However, we do want to maintain some standard formatting with all the articles. We have authors from all over the world submitting articles. So, we prefer the article in the standard format.
    Click here to download the MS Word article template.
  2. Create a working demo. Zip the source code of your demo into one single file. We prefer you submit working sourcecode so that people reading your article can understand and test it easily. Examples and something working version is always good way of learning.
  3. Zip your word original Article in MS word format and zipped demo source code into one final Zip file. Instead of sending multiple files, its always easy for you and us to organize files into one compressed zip file.
  4. Submit your final zipped article file as an email attachment to . We believe email attachement is the most convenient way for anyone to send document. In future, we will have more automated way of submission but right now we accept article submission by email only.
  5. Once submitted, article will be reviewed manually by one of the assigned editor. Upon approved by editor, article will be published at article section.

Future updates to already existing article:

All the future updates to already existing article has be done manually by the editor. If you have any updates with your already published article, please contact the editor. Click here to contact us.

Note: Articles submitted to will be available for free to everyone. This is the goal of to freely share knowledge and ideas. When you submit your article to, you are providing full, free, irrevocable permission to use for both non-commercial and commercial purpose. For more detail, please read our Terms of Use.