Recent Issues - 2017-08-19T22:20:10Z How do I integrate JProfiler in Eclipse IDE? Yogaraj Khanal 2017-07-21T14:30:40Z 2016-03-21T15:05:25Z I followed above links but was not able to integrate ? Any suggestions? Java Mac keychain annyoing prompt for keychain and local items Msm Ali 2017-04-12T08:35:00Z 2016-03-10T09:48:34Z After I change password in iMac(2010) later version I am not able to login to the applications like Microsoft Outlook,Lync which are most for collaboration development.Anyone ran into these issue and solved it successfully. I went to lot of Mac forums official and unofficial but there are so many deviations of the solutions. Hibernate Duplicate property mapping _OjbectBackref error Yogaraj Khanal 2017-03-17T10:51:38Z 2017-03-17T10:49:11Z Hi, I am trying to reuse same table from two different object and I get this error. org.hibernate.MappingException: Duplicate property mapping of _researchMgmtSetBackref found in gov.nih.tbi.repository.model.hibernate.ResearchManagement Thanks, MM Accept EULA silently with psexec.exe while deploying to remote server Farhan Mohd 2017-02-15T16:45:45Z 2011-05-20T08:49:23Z I am trying to deploy my .NET application to remote server using psexec.exe utility tool. I am trying to execute my msi package in remote server using psexec.exe. It works fine when I test from my local machine but when I include it in the NANT script for automation, it breaks. Seems like psexec.exe pops up EULA acceptance screen. How do I turn off psexec EULA popup and execute my msi in remote server silently? How to get around firewall port blocking in java web development? Yogaraj Khanal 2017-01-31T13:45:09Z 2017-01-31T13:37:05Z Hi, I have a java application that needs to CAS proxy ticket from another application. But the issue is when I run localhost government agency blocks port 8080 and i can't get proxy ticket? Is there a work around for this? Thanks, Julio How do you bind image src html tag to encoded image in backend Yogaraj Khanal 2016-12-19T15:58:56Z 2016-12-19T09:55:17Z Hi, I have a problem when I can't render to image data i am sending from backend? Any one face similar issues. Thanks, Mark Java Training in Chennai Sherina Kumar 2016-06-09T05:15:27Z 2016-06-09T05:15:27Z you want java training in chennai pls check this website How can I run an embedded .exe file in C# Windows Forms Applications? Kálmán Roland 2015-10-25T13:20:45Z 2015-10-25T13:20:45Z How can I run an embedded .exe file (installer) in C# Windows Forms Applications with the easiest way? I just want to click a button and installer should open. My .exe file's name is setup If I try this: Process.Start(setup.exe); I got an error: The name 'setup' does not exist in the current context and if I try this: System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("setup"); It will open this folder: C:WindowsSystem32setup Can you help me? :) Please Any algorithm to calculate US Federal holidays in JAVA as stated in OPM.GOV Yogaraj Khanal 2015-10-16T14:22:25Z 2015-10-16T14:18:43Z Hi guys, I am in process of implementing algorithm to calculate US federal holidays in JAVA. Anyone has approached this problem or know any public API that I can use. Thanks, Mark Error No: 5 PLEASE HELP SBajra 2015-07-20T13:10:08Z 2015-07-18T18:05:40Z my website is down because of a code error i need help fixing this please error message says: Warning: mysql_query(): Unable to save result set in /hsphere/local/home/fetutti/ on line 21Notice: Error: Out of memory (Needed 4194276 bytes) Error No: 5 SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT p.product_id) AS total FROM product p LEFT JOIN product_description pd ON (p.product_id = pd.product_id) LEFT JOIN product_to_store p2s ON (p.product_id = p2s.product_id) LEFT JOIN product_to_category p2c ON (p.product_id = p2c.product_id) WHERE pd.language_id = '2' AND p.status = '1' AND p.date_available <= NOW() AND p2s.store_id = '0' AND p2c.category_id = '157' in /hsphere/local/home/fetutti/ on line 49 <?php final class MySQL { private $link; public function __construct($hostname, $username, $password, $database) { if (!$this->link = mysql_connect($hostname, $username, $password)) { trigger_error('Error: Could not make a database link using ' . $username . 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'<br />' . $sql); exit(); } } public function escape($value) { return mysql_real_escape_string($value, $this->link); } public function countAffected() { return mysql_affected_rows($this->link); } public function getLastId() { return mysql_insert_id($this->link); } public function __destruct() { mysql_close($this->link); } } ?> C# data Grid View when cell is del key is pressed Bolesh Ahuja 2015-05-01T05:35:21Z 2015-05-01T05:35:21Z I have a data grid view in when press del key in group type cell then a other form with dgv open and select a value form it but value is changing but the are not showing always empty in it is window application in c# JDK 6 for Mac Yogaraj Khanal 2015-03-31T14:24:53Z 2015-03-31T13:42:51Z Can anyone suggest where do I get JDK 6 for mac. I don't see it's listed on Oracle site. New to JQuery Yogaraj Khanal 2014-12-16T07:33:55Z 2014-12-16T01:05:03Z I am new to Jquery and installed Eclipse Helios How to start?? NepaliDateTime Picker Bhuwan Shrestha 2014-09-14T13:08:12Z 2011-08-02T00:01:07Z Hi everyone I have been trying to develop a tool in C# called NepaliDateTime Picker similar to builtin DateTime Picker but I am not finding any scientific rules of the Bikram Sambat calender.I am manually entering the dates but it's not an effective way as I could only get dates upto 2072 or something like that, So does anyone have idea????????? How to create Nepali calendar? Bhuwan Shrestha 2014-09-14T12:57:48Z 2014-03-28T08:03:01Z I have absolutely no idea how to create nepali calendar.I have searched Google but it offers little help.Please if someone has any idea or formulas that can be used to create nepali calendar,Please help me.