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Expand How to create Nepali calendar?
I have absolutely no idea how to create nepali calendar.I have searched Google but it offers little help.Please if someone has any idea or formulas that can be used to create nepali cale ...
3 yrs 4 months ago Bhuwan Shrestha 2 replies Resolved
Expand Add scrollbar in ASP.NET AJAX Modal popup extender
Hi, I am using ASP.NET AJAX modal popup extender. My modal popup is a form and my form is getting bigger and bigger because of business requirement. Now I am at the point when I can not ...
3 yrs 4 months ago Pooja Jain 3 replies Resolved
Expand Barcode Number
A B C example scaning barcodeimage Number------> 3456788 output a =34 b=567 c=88 how to solve this problem plz help for ...
3 yrs 5 months ago PrabaSozhan R 0 replies  
Expand Updating dataGridView from different thread than UI thread
How do i update dataGridView from seperate thread than UI thread. I get runtime exception when i update datagridview from seperate thread. Any suggestion ..
3 yrs 6 months ago Evan Croby 6 replies Resolved
Expand Duplicate SKU on website search, WHY?
Im not a programmer. Can you tell me if this code is written to duplicate the same SKU# results? The issue is our website ( is resulting with double SKU# and it wasn't la ...
3 yrs 7 months ago L Whitt 5 replies Resolved
Expand Highlight text using Javascript 3 yrs 7 months ago SBajra 4 replies Resolved
Expand How to break long word in HTML using CSS? 3 yrs 7 months ago Bikram Shrestha 2 replies Resolved
Expand Pentaho_ce_5.0_Saiku_Analytics_display_Nothing !! 3 yrs 7 months ago Yogaraj Khanal 4 replies  
Expand i want call ajax url depend on loop. here we try to alert box to knaw which value get but it get only last value 3 yrs 7 months ago Yogaraj Khanal 3 replies  
Expand how to insert 3 yrs 8 months ago Bikram Shrestha 1 replies Resolved
Expand From where i can get a vikram samvat calender(Lunar Calender)? 3 yrs 8 months ago SBajra 1 replies Resolved
Expand window.close() does not work in Firefox and Chrome 3 yrs 9 months ago SBajra 5 replies Resolved
Expand Split alphabet character and number from alphanumeric string C# 4 yrs 1 month ago Tharun Nani 7 replies Resolved
Expand loosing session data in popup with security warning any workaround? 4 yrs 2 months ago Yogaraj Khanal 1 replies  
Expand Difference between SHA1, SHA1CryptoServiceProvider, SHA1Managed and SHA1Cng classes in .NET? 4 yrs 2 months ago Dave Semmelink 3 replies Resolved