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Expand java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
Hi, I am working on java app. But whenever I run the program I am starting getting this error in my console. java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space What are the reasons?solutions? ...
6 yrs 1 month ago Cathy Hall 3 replies Resolved
Expand Want to be familiar with your providing services
Please make me clear what type of information are you providing to the customer?
6 yrs 2 months ago Yogaraj Khanal 2 replies  
Expand How to get complete URL from Pentaho User console(PUC) to use in Community Startup Tabs(CST)
Hi, I am trying to load user preferences in my CTOOLS dashboard using example here: But I am not sure how do I get the URL t ...
6 yrs 2 months ago Cathy Hall 2 replies Resolved
Expand MDX OLAP configuration in Standalone Saiku Analytics
Hi, I am using something similar to this too connect to my oracle database but didn't work? I am using ojdbc14.jar in lib but no luck any suggestions?Can someone post me configura ...
6 yrs 2 months ago Mark Mazerski 3 replies Resolved
Expand how to detect undefined object in Javascript
Is there any way in Javascript to detect undefined object? I keep getting undefined exception because based on various rules some of my javascript objects are undefined. I would like to ...
6 yrs 2 months ago Sam Buchana 2 replies Resolved
Expand SQL Server - How to check if table or stored procedure already exists? 6 yrs 2 months ago Sam Buchana 2 replies Resolved
Expand How to create dynamic datasource for ad-hoc report 6 yrs 2 months ago Yogaraj Khanal 6 replies  
Expand How to prevent one user to see other users' data using data source 6 yrs 2 months ago Yogaraj Khanal 4 replies Resolved
Expand How do I see the cube i configured for Saiku in Pentaho 6 yrs 3 months ago ETL Talend 6 replies Resolved
Expand problem with ASP.NET GridView control and custom data object List<> 6 yrs 3 months ago Purushottam Singh 3 replies Resolved
Expand Tom Cat -> applications authentication 6 yrs 3 months ago Purushottam Singh 4 replies Resolved
Expand Access control by Locking other user records from backend in MS SQL Server 2008 R2 6 yrs 3 months ago Carlton Harris 0 replies  
Expand Custom Control to do CRUD operations 6 yrs 3 months ago Cara Reed 0 replies  
Expand how to add margin in HTML row or cell? 6 yrs 3 months ago Yogaraj Khanal 5 replies Resolved
Expand Access one user control from another user control in the ASP.NET page 6 yrs 3 months ago Purushottam Singh 1 replies