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Expand How to create Nepali calendar?
I have absolutely no idea how to create nepali calendar.I have searched Google but it offers little help.Please if someone has any idea or formulas that can be used to create nepali cale ...
3 yrs 1 month ago Bhuwan Shrestha 2 replies Resolved
Expand Add scrollbar in ASP.NET AJAX Modal popup extender
Hi, I am using ASP.NET AJAX modal popup extender. My modal popup is a form and my form is getting bigger and bigger because of business requirement. Now I am at the point when I can not ...
3 yrs 1 month ago Pooja Jain 3 replies Resolved
Expand From where i can get a vikram samvat calender(Lunar Calender)?
I want a Hindu month calender to be drop in it. Maximum indian festivals like diwali, holi etc are based on the lunar months. So i want the calender control to use it in my websi ...
3 yrs 5 months ago SBajra 1 replies Resolved
Expand How to get value in label control when user change the value in datagrid for .net 1.1 and
I have one editable datagrid control called "dgDist" which has 2 column name and amount. There is one one label control called "lblTotal" (outside the data grid). ...
4 yrs 7 months ago It Pro 4 replies Resolved
Expand MVC - Difference between Html.RenderPartial vs Html.RenderAction
What is difference between Html.RenderPartial vs Html.RenderAction in ASP.NET MVC framework?
5 yrs 1 wk ago RaKumar 1 replies Resolved
Expand Avoid HTML encoding with custom MVC HtmlHelper extension 5 yrs 2 wks ago Bikram Shrestha 2 replies Resolved
Expand how to import reference in MVC Razor view? 5 yrs 2 wks ago SBajra 1 replies Resolved
Expand ViewBag vs ViewData in MVC 3 5 yrs 2 wks ago SBajra 1 replies Resolved
Expand MVC - Difference Between Viewresult() and ActionResult() 5 yrs 2 wks ago SBajra 1 replies Resolved
Expand How to add webreference to secure password protected webservice? 5 yrs 3 wks ago SBajra 5 replies Resolved
Expand force ASP.NET Textbox to input Uppercase letter only. 5 yrs 1 month ago Ritesh Kumar 5 replies Resolved
Expand Restrict inheriting web.config values to child application in ASP.NET 5 yrs 2 months ago RaKumar 2 replies Resolved
Expand Autopostback resets DropDownList in DetailsView 5 yrs 2 months ago SBajra 27 replies Resolved
Expand Can not send email using SMTP server in IIS 7.5 and Windows 2008 5 yrs 2 months ago Sam Buchana 3 replies Resolved
Expand Difference between ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock vs ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript? 5 yrs 6 months ago SBajra 1 replies Resolved