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Expand Should I initialize string variable with String.Empty or NULL?
string myString = NULL; or string myString = String.Empty; What is the preferred initialization for string?
6 yrs 1 month ago SBajra 1 replies Resolved
Expand C# - Hashtable or generic Dictionary<> ?
I am trying to implement lookup service and I am debating on using Hashtable or generic Dictionary. Which one is better and which one is preferred one? Is there any benefit on using one ...
6 yrs 1 month ago RaKumar 1 replies Resolved
Expand Ternary / tertiary operator and nullable INT type
I am trying to assign null to nullable int using ternary operator but keep getting compile error. int? nullableInt = null; nullableInt = boolIndicator ? 100 : null; ...
6 yrs 1 month ago Bikram Shrestha 2 replies Resolved
Expand Custom Control to do CRUD operations
Hi, I am looking for some C# samples programs do CRUD operations may be search feature will also be great. If some one can send me some sample where i can insert data from UI to DB and ...
6 yrs 3 months ago Cara Reed 0 replies  
Expand How to get integer value of an Enum?
I have enum value but I wanted to get integer value of my enumeration type. Is there any easy way to get integer value for an enum type? public enum MyEnum { value1=1; valu ...
6 yrs 4 months ago Sam Buchana 2 replies Resolved
Expand Mutliselect with other checkbox selected input combo box 6 yrs 4 months ago Catrina Nicholson 2 replies Resolved
Expand Serialize .NET KeyValuePair object 6 yrs 4 months ago Tim Joseph 2 replies Resolved
Expand Sort Hashtable by key in C# 6 yrs 4 months ago RaKumar 3 replies Resolved
Expand Paypal 6 yrs 5 months ago Kim Sung 2 replies Resolved
Expand mojoPortal 6 yrs 5 months ago Kim Sung 2 replies Resolved
Expand C# - Is XmlDocument object thread safe? 6 yrs 5 months ago Elizabeth Davis 3 replies Resolved
Expand Cancel windows shutdown using C# .NET 6 yrs 5 months ago RaKumar 1 replies Resolved
Expand How to rar and unrar using C#? 6 yrs 5 months ago SBajra 4 replies Resolved
Expand how to get just date from DateTime.Now in C#? 6 yrs 5 months ago Philip Harley 2 replies Resolved
Expand What are attributes in .net and can we create custom attributes? 6 yrs 5 months ago Taylor Thompson 3 replies Resolved