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Expand NullReferenceException was unhandled by user code
string serverName = HttpContext.Current.Request.ServerVariables["SERVER_NAME"].ToString(); I am geting this exception in the code that I wrote above. What is the best pract ...
6 yrs 4 months ago Yogaraj Khanal 2 replies Resolved
Expand ref method parameter keyword and value type in C# .NET
I have a question on "ref" keyword and value type. I know I can pass any value type variable such as integer to a method with method parameter decorated by ref keyword. When I ...
6 yrs 4 months ago Sunil Sharma 2 replies Resolved
Expand How to connect to Oracle using C#.NET
I need to connect to one of the backend Oracle database. What is the best way to connect to Oracle using C# .NET? Do I need Data Source Name (DNS)? Can I connect to Oracle without DNS? T ...
6 yrs 4 months ago Misuk Wang 5 replies Resolved
Expand Datagridview binding to table generate columns
I am binding table to a datagridview but whenever i bind the table , all the columns are showing up in the grid. i wanted to show only selected column in the grid . please help .
6 yrs 4 months ago John Smith 2 replies Resolved
Expand what is DoubleBuffered property for winform ?
I tried it on an off and i din't see any difference . any ideas .
6 yrs 4 months ago D manand 2 replies Resolved
Expand entity framework and .net framework 6 yrs 4 months ago John Smith 1 replies Resolved
Expand connectionString for SQL Server in C# 6 yrs 4 months ago Sarah Brown 2 replies Resolved
Expand Formatting TextBox.Text date C# 6 yrs 5 months ago SBajra 2 replies Resolved
Expand Hide winform icon , minimize , maximize 6 yrs 5 months ago D manand 1 replies Resolved
Expand How do I detect if the user's font (DPI) setting? 6 yrs 5 months ago D manand 1 replies Resolved
Expand Collection class and foreach 6 yrs 5 months ago RaKumar 1 replies Resolved
Expand ConnectionString for MS Access 2010 6 yrs 5 months ago RaKumar 3 replies Resolved
Expand US zip code to City, County mapping in C# 6 yrs 5 months ago Sunil Sharma 3 replies Resolved
Expand Get file extension from filename with C# .NET 6 yrs 5 months ago Todd Dooley 1 replies Resolved
Expand difference between command.parameter.Add() and AddWithValue() 6 yrs 5 months ago RaKumar 1 replies Resolved