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Expand Can I merge .exe and dll into one single executable file?
I have windows .NET application with .exe which uses other .dll files. And I need to redistribute this .exe and .dlls files. and it will be nice if I can combine all .exe and .dll into o ...
4 months 1 wk ago Nicky75 Nicky75 4 replies Resolved
Expand Accept EULA silently with psexec.exe while deploying to remote server
I am trying to deploy my .NET application to remote server using psexec.exe utility tool. I am trying to execute my msi package in remote server using psexec.exe. It works fine when I te ...
1 yr 3 days ago Farhan Mohd 3 replies Resolved
Expand Difference between SHA1, SHA1CryptoServiceProvider, SHA1Managed and SHA1Cng classes in .NET?
I need to use Hashing algorithm and I am looking into SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm). But I found many classes in .NET for even SHA1. Can someone please explain whats the difference between ...
4 yrs 3 months ago Dave Semmelink 3 replies Resolved
Expand RegAsm : warning RA0000 : No types were registered
I am trying to register my .NET assembly so that it can used by COM component like from ASP or VB. But when I executed Regasm.exe, I get this error message "RegAsm : warning RA0000 ...
5 yrs 2 months ago Atul Rungta 3 replies Resolved
Expand .NET 4.0 dynamic vs var?
What is the difference between dynamic keyword with .NET 4.0 vs var which was introduced in .NET 3.0? Both seems to behave similar with variable/unknown type... Any thoughts?
5 yrs 4 months ago Sam Buchana 2 replies Resolved
Expand how to permanently delete TFS work item? 5 yrs 4 months ago SBajra 1 replies Resolved
Expand MSI Installer setup project - Error 1001. Installation failed. --> Value cannot be null. 5 yrs 5 months ago G-Stone 2 replies Resolved
Expand What is entity framework in .NET 4.0? 5 yrs 6 months ago Sam Buchana 1 replies Resolved
Expand NAnt and access Perforce files 5 yrs 6 months ago SBajra 4 replies Resolved
Expand How do I generate.designer.cs file from coded ui test UIMap.uitest file 5 yrs 11 months ago SBajra 1 replies Resolved
Expand TFS error - The path... is already mapped in workspace 5 yrs 11 months ago SBajra 1 replies Resolved
Expand Add Work item while checking using TF.exe 5 yrs 11 months ago SBajra 1 replies Resolved
Expand TFS exception: Internal error in Custom Path Policy. Error loading the Custom Path Policy policy 5 yrs 11 months ago Elizabeth Davis 2 replies Resolved
Expand Difference between .NET client profile and full .NET framework installation? 6 yrs 4 days ago G-Stone 2 replies Resolved
Expand TFS Branch vs folder? 6 yrs 5 days ago RaKumar 1 replies Resolved