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Expand i want call ajax url depend on loop. here we try to alert box to knaw which value get but it get only last value
for(j=0;j<len;j++) { $(".product_name").append("<div id='Product_"+j+"'>"+$("#rav").children().eq(j).text()+"< ...
3 yrs 3 wks ago Yogaraj Khanal 3 replies  
Expand Format DateTime interval using PHP
I have date1 and date2. I am trying to format difference of two dates like in facebook with "ago" such as "1 year 2 month ago" or "5 hours 3 mins ago." A ...
4 yrs 9 months ago Albert Isaev 4 replies Resolved
Expand How to make Asynchronous http calls using PHP?
Is there a standard way to make async calls using php? I am looking for an approach to make asynchronous call from my php application. Actually I need to write metrics log so I really do ...
5 yrs 11 months ago Sam Buchana 2 replies Resolved
Expand Difference between PHP Error Vs Exception
I am kind of confused between PHP Error and Exception. It sounds similar but can not figure out the difference. What is the main difference between the two? Thanks in advance.
6 yrs 6 days ago Mason Miller 2 replies Resolved
Expand How to get client IP address using PHP
I need to capture client user IP address using PHP. I need this specially for my logging and authentication purpose. How do I get client user IP address?
6 yrs 6 days ago Bill Tucker 2 replies Resolved
Expand line break '\n' does not work in php 6 yrs 1 wk ago Ramesh Shrestha 3 replies Resolved
Expand Undefined index: REQUEST_URI in PHP 6 yrs 1 wk ago Michael Gardnar 2 replies Resolved
Expand How to display my Url in REST style with php? 6 yrs 1 wk ago Tim Joseph 4 replies Resolved
Expand Whether preg_replace() or str_replace() is good in performace? 6 yrs 1 wk ago Richard Cox 2 replies Resolved
Expand remove special character from string in PHP 6 yrs 2 wks ago Tim Joseph 2 replies Resolved
Expand MYSQL Bit field with PHP 6 yrs 2 wks ago David Wu 4 replies Resolved
Expand How to redirect to different page in PHP? 6 yrs 2 wks ago Richard Cox 2 replies Resolved
Expand Preg_match - Delimeter issue 6 yrs 2 wks ago Robert Legoo 2 replies Resolved
Expand how to generate captcha image on the fly in PHP? 6 yrs 3 wks ago G-Stone 3 replies Resolved
Expand Config file in PHP? 6 yrs 3 wks ago Michael Gardnar 2 replies Resolved