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Expand How to get around firewall port blocking in java web development?
Hi, I have a java application that needs to CAS proxy ticket from another application. But the issue is when I run localhost government agency blocks port 8080 and i can't get pro ...
1 yr 2 wks ago Yogaraj Khanal 2 replies  
Expand Error No: 5 PLEASE HELP
my website is down because of a code error i need help fixing this please error message says: Warning: mysql_query(): Unable to save result set in /hsphere/local/home/fetutti/lojae- ...
2 yrs 7 months ago SBajra 1 replies  
Expand Highlight text using Javascript
I am writing a code using database and server side php programming to search knowledgebase database. However, I need to highlight the keywords that is being searched from the search resu ...
3 yrs 8 months ago SBajra 4 replies Resolved
Expand How to break long word in HTML using CSS?
I have a page with long words which is kind of distorting the alignment of my page. I tried to use CSS "word-wrap:break-word" but this does not seems to have any effect. Any su ...
3 yrs 8 months ago Bikram Shrestha 2 replies Resolved
Expand how to insert
Gays how do I make my web to start playing video? Am using html,css and javascript.
3 yrs 9 months ago Bikram Shrestha 1 replies Resolved
Expand window.close() does not work in Firefox and Chrome 3 yrs 10 months ago SBajra 5 replies Resolved
Expand window.open loosing session data in popup with security warning any workaround? 4 yrs 2 months ago Yogaraj Khanal 1 replies  
Expand Image icon inside html textbox 4 yrs 4 months ago Sujatha Burigen 3 replies Resolved
Expand We Development 4 yrs 9 months ago Rd Nard 2 replies  
Expand Regular expression to find html attributes 4 yrs 10 months ago Vick Sa 2 replies Resolved
Expand jquery css background changer 4 yrs 10 months ago SBajra 1 replies  
Expand what is greater than sign > in CSS 5 yrs 6 months ago SBajra 1 replies Resolved
Expand How to insert text into TextArea at the cursor position using Javascript? 5 yrs 8 months ago SBajra 5 replies Resolved
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Expand What is difference between GET and POST request? 6 yrs 1 month ago Surya K 3 replies Resolved