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Expand What is the best way to validate XHTML compliance for the site?
We are setting new standard in our team to have XHTML compliance with all our entire website. What is the best way to conform/validate if the pages are XHTML compliance???
6 yrs 1 month ago G-Stone 2 replies Resolved
Expand how to make sure my style is not overridden?
I have styles defined for my site. However, I am using some third party components and I do not want my styles to be cascaded/overridden by these 3rd party html/css components. Is there ...
6 yrs 1 month ago Ramesh Shrestha 2 replies Resolved
Expand How to add arbitrary property to DOM element?
Can I add arbitrary property to HTML DOM element? For example, can I add a new property to say <INPUT> or <DIV> tag? May be using Javascript?
6 yrs 1 month ago Dave Smith 2 replies Resolved
Expand How to add line break in html tooltip or title?
I need to add line break in the html tooltip or title tag. It works fine when: <a href="#" title="Hello World">Click here</a> But it d ...
6 yrs 1 month ago Dave Smith 3 replies Resolved
Expand FireFox waits forever while accessing external blocked javascript
Hi, I am having this very strange issue. I need to include this vendor javascript into some of our pages for tracking purpose. But apparently the vendor website that we are using is c ...
6 yrs 1 month ago SBajra 5 replies Resolved
Expand How do I get browser window size? 6 yrs 2 months ago G-Stone 3 replies Resolved
Expand Javascript count down code 7 yrs 2 months ago G-Stone 2 replies Resolved