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Expand Duplicate SKU on website search, WHY?
Im not a programmer. Can you tell me if this code is written to duplicate the same SKU# results? The issue is our website ( is resulting with double SKU# and it wasn't la ...
3 yrs 7 months ago L Whitt 5 replies Resolved
Expand Connexion CDE_Oracle
Dear all, I tried to build a dashboard with CDE plugin.I have a problem in the connection to the datasource. My database is oracle 10g. first I have to use Jndi or Jdbc? and what about ...
4 yrs 7 months ago Yogaraj Khanal 1 replies Resolved
Expand count 0 on empty or null values in oracle
Hi, I have to put some count in table that has null or empty values how do i do it in oracle? I am able to get right result for not null values. Any suggestion appreciated. Thanks, MM
5 yrs 4 months ago Yogaraj Khanal 2 replies Resolved
Expand Derby Database
I am unable to create database using Java embedded database Derby. The error generated while creating database at org.apache.derby.impl.jdbc.EmbedConnection.createDatabase(Unkno ...
5 yrs 11 months ago Yogaraj Khanal 1 replies Resolved
Expand org.postgresql.util.PSQLException
Detail String:FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host.....SSL off Can anyone explain or give solutions about this error. Appreciate your help. Have a nice day. Thanks, Carlton
6 yrs 1 month ago Carlton Harris 2 replies Resolved
Expand Want to be familiar with your providing services 6 yrs 2 months ago Yogaraj Khanal 2 replies  
Expand SQL Server - How to check if table or stored procedure already exists? 6 yrs 2 months ago Sam Buchana 2 replies Resolved
Expand Access control by Locking other user records from backend in MS SQL Server 2008 R2 6 yrs 3 months ago Carlton Harris 0 replies  
Expand BEGIN END block in stored procedure. Do I always need to use it? 6 yrs 4 months ago Bikram Shrestha 2 replies Resolved
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Expand Microsoft SQL Server Error 18456 6 yrs 4 months ago Yogaraj Khanal 3 replies Resolved
Expand sql getdate() - mm-dd-yyyy 6 yrs 5 months ago Tylar Brown 3 replies Resolved
Expand Differerence between varchar varchar2 and string which one to choose and why? 6 yrs 5 months ago ETL Talend 2 replies Resolved