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Expand Restore the the table accidently dropped in Oracle database 11g
Dear All, I accidently dropped the table when I forgot to comment the drop code using DROP emp2; Is there a way I can recover the data in that table. Please respond its ...
6 yrs 3 days ago Cathy Hall 2 replies Resolved
Expand What is the result of this PURGE operation
Hi All, I was reviewing some come from our MKS version control system related to databases. I saw the SQL statement like this: DROP TABLE dept_security PURGE I know that ...
6 yrs 3 days ago Cara Reed 2 replies Resolved
Expand Select statement to get the employees who have not changed their job
Hi All, I have two tables viz. employees and job_history. I want to get the list of all the employees that have not changed their job. What is the efficient way to do this. Any samp ...
6 yrs 4 days ago Mark Mazerski 2 replies Resolved
Expand How do I copy the rows of a table to another table using DML
Hi, I am trying to copy all the rows of one table to another to keep backup for security reasons. I am doing that manually by selecting all and putting in notepad and inserting that ...
6 yrs 4 days ago Cathy Hall 2 replies Resolved
Expand Cannot open connection error when I am trying to run query form applicaiton code to MySQL database
Hi All, I am getting "Cannot open connection" error when I am trying to run as application. I was curious what I am missing here? Any suggestions is appreciated... Thanks, ...
6 yrs 6 days ago Yogaraj Khanal 1 replies Resolved
Expand InnoDB or MyISAM database in MySQL? 6 yrs 1 wk ago RaKumar 4 replies Resolved
Expand How do i get the list of Constraints in a table ? 6 yrs 2 wks ago D manand 2 replies Resolved
Expand default value or not null value 6 yrs 3 wks ago D manand 1 replies Resolved
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