PRIVACY POLICY: is an online community to resolve coding (software programming) issues. This site is a medium for information technology professionals to post issues and resolve try to resolve it together. This site is a medium for sharing knowledge and information. We ( are not involved in the actual information transmitted between users. Users post the issues, resolve issues, share ideas and knowledge. We are not involved in any way in the creation of the content being posted.

Your privacy is important to us( We are always work hard to keep your information private. We do not share your information with any third party services.

Information collected

We collect very limited information which are required to register your account, authenticate your account and post issue / article / solution. However you do have an option to create and build your profile so that you can present your work to the world as your online resume. People you trust and are in your friend circle will have full access to your profile data. However you do have option to hide your profile information publicly. Please use public profile settings to control on how public user beside people in your friend circle will view your profile data. If you are concerned about the profile data visible to your friends then we suggest you to not build your profile. We do not force in any way to any use to complete their profile data or create friend circle. However, friend circle is helpful to build your virtual team of tech people to share knowledge and resolve issues.

Profile data information

User do have option to create their profile and present as an online resume to everyone. However, because of the behavior of the internet, these information could be accessible to everyone public. We do have public profile settings to control what you want to display to public user.

User can also invite friend and create their friend circle to resolve issue, ask question, view each other's profile and send message. This is very useful tool to work as team to resolve issues in programming technology world. However, your friend will have full permission to view your profile. Since its your friend, you trusted and either you invited or you accepted the friend invitation, your friend will be able to view your full profile. You can only control the view of your profile to public user who are not in your friend circle.

We do not share any of your profile data to any third party service and you have full access to add, delete and modify it.

Information collected by third party websites

We do use third party websites for advertisements and this is how we are able to keep our site free to everyone. However, the privacy policy of third party sites may be different than which is defined here. But we do not share any of your account information or email address to any third party sites.

Anonymous information collected

In addition to your limited personal information, we do collect some anonymous information about your use to our site. These information includes, page names you visited, your IP (Internet Protocol) address, date and time and your internet service provider. We, however, do not share these information to any third party services. We use these information to improve our site effectiveness; to improve user experience; to protect the user from unsolicited access to our site; and to stop unwanted/harmful content, which violate terms of use, being posted in our site.


We use cookie technology in this site. Cookie is small text file stored in user's browser computer. We use cookie to store user session ID which will get deleted once user close the browsers. However, we do use third party advertisements to keep our site free to all the users which might place another cookie on your browser.


We have taken appropriate security measures to protect your information for unauthorized access. But to protect your information you have to be careful as well. Most of the time, personal information are compromised because user disclosed to someone. Regarding your password, your password is encrypted in our system and no one (including staff) can view it. So, if you forget your password, only way to recover is to reset it to new password.

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